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We are looking for skilled and resourceful writers to join our team. Absolute Limousine is planning on expanding our magazine scope to other important aspects of transportation here in New Zealand.

What to write about?

Transportation is a vital factor in our daily lives. When we go to work, when our kids go to school, visiting our sick relatives, going out to a restaurant and going to a job interview. Transportation plays a role.

The New Zealand government is dead set in improving transportation accessibility and road networks throughout the entire country. That includes major upgrades on roads and highways. Billions of dollars were spent to provide safer and better road networks for everyone.

Limousine Models

We also want you to write about the latest limousine models or upgrades. We are talking about brands from all over the globe. Write about the innovation integrated into these vehicles and how they transformed the transportation experience for people.

For this one, you need to understand the technicality and the objective aspects of a limousine or a town car. This will require extensive research and learning. We have all of the resources to help you study so you’ll be able to write engaging content for our readers.

Online Transportation Booking

Finally, we want someone who will be able to dissect an online transportation booking. Uber, Grab, U-Hop, Micab, Hype, Go Lag and so much more. We want to know why the idea of booking transportation services online took over.

It is important to navigate this milestone as these services are tipped to take over the entire transportation industry in the next five years.

How to apply

If you want to apply today, submit your updated resume toinfo@absolutelimousine.co.nz. Include 3 to 5 samples of your work that have been published in the last 6 months. It would be best if the content is related to private transportation services, automotive and limousines.

That is not a requirement given that we will assess all documents submitted. Upon your submission, please wait 5 business days for our panel to review everything and to determine if you have what it takes to move on.

If you are given the green light (pun intended), you will then be endorsed by our senior recruiters for an online exam and the final interview. We are looking for 10 writers to join our online magazine team by the next month.

We have already received hundreds of messages from interested applicants, so it is going to be a tough road for all of you. We look forward to your submission and for clarifications contact us today or subscribe to our newsletter.