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Luxury, in general, is always equivalent to something expensive or something extravagant. That word was redefined luxury long before, back on August 6, 2014, when Dylan Perry founded Absolute Limousine.

Absolute Limousine is an online magazine providing information on private transportation to the residents of Manukau in South Auckland.

He then started giving private transportation services to some of the residents. Most of the people availing Perry’s services were using it to attend parties or other social gatherings. Some of his customers where graduating students. Classmates would chip in some money so they can arrive at their graduation event in style.

Without spending thousands of dollars, people were able to avail luxurious yet affordable private transportation services.

Business was booming

After only 6 months, Perry was able to buy two more limousines meaning he was able to service more people at the same time. After two years, Perry has one of the biggest private transportation fleets in all of Manukau.

Perry and Absolute Limousine were featured in a couple of newsletters and magazines in Auckland. The transportation company then took over most of Auckland.

The ALL Online Magazine

What started as a blog to narrate the success story of the company became one of the most collective publications in the country. The ALL (AbsoLute Limousine) magazine provides updated information about the entire private transportation industry in New Zealand.

We have partnered with dozens of transportation companies and made these services more accessible to New Zealanders all over. In our magazine, you’ll find business information for all transportation services you need.

We also publish feature content regarding the development and trends in the transportation market in New Zealand and the world.

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